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Finding Professional Success in a Post-Pandemic World

If you've experienced career changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, you aren't alone. Many people lost work or quit their jobs—or transitioned to new career paths. You can make the most of emerging new opportunities by adapting your skills and aligning your passions to the changing business landscape post-COVID. Here are some tips to help you find your way.

Do Your Research Before Deciding on Your New Career Path

Certain industries are picking up pace post-COVID, while others are flailing.

● Look into industries that have seen growth since COVID began, like cybersecurity and online delivery services.

● Beware of industries that were hard hit by COVID and may still be recovering, like automobiles and airlines.

If you're not sure what direction you want to take your career in, consider taking a career test.

● Once you have a goal in mind, map out how you'll achieve it with this career path map template.

Take Action to Achieve Your Objectives

Whatever your goal, you'll need to take care of some practicalities to meet it.

● You may need additional educational credentials to reach your goals. Scan this list of accredited colleges and universities to find opportunities.

● If you're looking to apply for a new job, prepare your cover letter and C.V. with this handy guide.

● If you're going to start a business, learn about the steps you need to take to become an entrepreneur. For example, this guide explains how to start an LLC in Hawaii.

Get Support to Ensure Lasting Success

Whatever path you pursue, a solid network can help you thrive.

● You can also build your network online. This guide provides actionable pointers to help you make the most of it.

● Try to find a mentor who can guide you through your post-pandemic career change.

● Consider hiring a coach to help with practicalities like guiding your career or improving your business HR practices. Thrive H2H can help.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the business landscape in many ways. Figuring out how to adapt isn't always easy. Trust the tips and tools above to help you find your way as you navigate your new beginning professionally.

Special thanks to Vanessa Holwell of Hiring Squad for contributing this post.

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