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Women Connect

women discussion group

Why We Exist: 

  • To provide a means for career women to connect for support and discussion about issues of relevance to their work, ambitions, and family lives.

  • To share contact information for individual or small group connections.


Timeframe and Venues:

  • 1 Hour meetings - 1 meeting every 4 to 6 weeks

  • Online (and possibly in person)

  • Zoom platform

  • 1 large meeting if 10 women or less; use breakout rooms if 11 women or more

  • Individuals encouraged to connect with each other as needed and/or desired


Topics for Meetings:

  • Focused, single topic issues or questions

  • Anyone can suggest a topic (and propose at least 1 week in advance of meeting) otherwise Thrive will establish the topic

Want to Join Us?

Thanks for expressing interest! We'll get back to you very shortly.

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